As cultural boundaries continue to overlap and our communities connect across borders, the Global Learning Certificate program at Massasoit offers students an opportunity to address these changes both within and outside the classroom. Students enrolled in the Global Learning Certificate program encounter a wide range of global issues across academic disciplines and are able to shape their own program. Students can enroll in a variety of courses to satisfy the program requirements, from History and Economics to Psychology and the STEM fields, earning an additional credential while completing most Associate’s Degree programs.

An Opportunity to Study Abroad
A key feature of the Global learning Certificate is the study abroad component, a unique opportunity for Massasoit students to spend time with fellow Global Scholars and faculty members outside the United States. Students will spend a week in a host country experiencing its culture, its economic system, and participating in a service-learning project.

Global Scholars will leave Massasoit with important 21st century skills which prepare them for increasingly international workplaces, universities, and communities.

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