Brenna Jackson

For the past four years Brenna Jackson felt drawn to the legal field.  She researched a number of online paralegal certificate programs but none spoke to her.  When a childhood friend told Brenna about a paralegal certificate program she took at Massasoit Community College, a door was opened.  This program offered the in-classroom environment Brenna was looking for and served as an entry point to a career in the legal field.

Brenna earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology two years ago and had been working as a billing specialist since then.  Inspired by the turbulence that fills the daily news, she felt inspired to make a difference by entering the legal field.  Brenna excelled in the Paralegal Certificate Program at Massasoit and became a skilled researcher and investigator.  The work, Brenna says, “can be exhausting. but if you put in the time, it’s worth it in the end.”  What made the curriculum especially effective for Brenna was the balance between real-life case studies and theory.  The work was very practical.

While she’s not sure if law school is in her long-term future, Brenna is excited to be pursuing her goal of working in the legal field as a paralegal.  She started her journey by accepting a position as a Legal Assistant with the Phia Group in Braintree in June 2019.  To prospective students considering the Paralegal Certificate Program at Massasoit, Brenna shares: “It’s definitely worth it.  The program provides you with the knowledge and skills to grow in your professional life.”