1. Students with intellectual disabilities ages 18-22 who have not passed and/or are not likely to achieve competency determination necessary for graduation by passing the MCAS exam because of the severe nature of their intellectual disabilities, and are eligible for special education services as documented through an Individualized Education Program (IEP) (grant application)
  2. Students, 20-21, who have passed MCAS, but are still eligible for special education services with an Individualized Education Program (IEP) because of significant functional disabilities, transition needs, etc. (grant application)


  1. Has a general sense of safety awareness; knows or can learn what to do in emergency situations;
  2. Able to learn and follow a schedule;
  3. Capacity to learn to navigate the campus independently with minimal assistance;
  4. Able to participate throughout an entire class session (with support, if needed);
  5. Able to follow simple directions with minimal or no assistance;
  6. Able to use technology (computer, iPhone, iPad) to facilitate communication necessary for full participation in campus activities, including producing school work.


For the student:

  1. Commitment to participate in person centered planning and other assessments to discern individual student strengths, preferences, and interests to better plan for a meaningful transition experience;
  2. Commitment to following the Massasoit Community College calendar, attending all classes, even during high school vacations;
  3. Commitment to attend all ICEI related meetings, both individual and group, on campus; and,
  4. Commitment to participate in orientation activities to prepare for college experience.

For the student and family:

  1. Student and family are equally committed to strengthening the student’s independent decision-making and self-determination skills through the collegiate experience.


  1. Motivated and purposeful about attending college and able to communicate these motivations and purposes;
  2. Motivated to meet and socialize with new people (with support, if useful) including peers from many different communities, backgrounds, ability levels, etc.;
  3. Demonstrates an active interest in participating in new experiences and learning from them, including campus activities, e.g. student organizations, social events, community service projects, etc.;
  4. Wants to attend college to participate in academic, social, and career development experiences on campus;
  5. Willing to be an active participant in completing course requirements, including homework;
  6. Demonstrates active interest in learning to increase self-determination and self-advocacy skills;
  7. Motivated to engage in on-campus work experiences/internships to broaden employment skills.


  1. Demonstrates strong attendance record in school;
  2. Possesses an official Massachusetts ID or valid current passport, or willing to acquire one before start of program.

Application Requirements:

  1. Teacher recommendation – verbal or written;
  2. Completed application form;
  3. Current IEP and Transition Planning Form submitted;
  4. Copy of evaluation report documenting diagnosis of disability submitted;
  5. Classroom observation of student applicant;**
  6. Interview with student applicant;
  7. Provision of current age of student and IDEA age-out date.

**Classroom observation is optional. To be completed by MAICEI staff when additional information about a student is needed.