Latch Services

Academic Advising

  • Academic counselors provide guidance during your first semesters at Massasoit.
  • Develop academic and career goals and ensure that your program of study aligns with those goals.
  • Maintain contact with many of your professors, providing a way for our support team to address academic issues as they arise.
  • Latch academic counselors are members of the Global Community for Academic Advising (NACADA).

Peer Tutoring Support

  • Assist you with your reading, writing, and mathematics courses.
  • Develop other academic skills and habits that will help you find success in your classes and beyond.
  • Latch’s tutoring program is certified through the College Reading & Learning Association (CRLA).

Peer Mentoring

  • Are former Latch students who have successfully completed the Latch program.
  • Greet you as you begin your studies at Massasoit.
  • Reach out to you throughout the academic year to check in and remind you of important upcoming events and deadlines.

Latch Student Success Seminar

  • Student Success Seminar course offers students a Canvas workspace for tips, tools, and academic information, along with resources for learning in person and remotely.

Latch Awards

  • Latch Recognition Awards – Recognizes three Latch students who have demonstrated that they have used Latch services well, have been helpful to their fellow students, while remaining in good academic standing. Each award includes a $150 scholarship.
  • Theresa M. Smith Memorial Award (Book of Quotations) – Recognizes a student who has overcome significant personal and/or physical challenges with optimism determination and strength.