Make the most of your summer! Stay on track, or get ahead with summer classes at Massasoit.

Taking summer classes at Massasoit can have numerous benefits, especially if you’re looking to save money and time. Here are some ways in which taking summer classes can be advantageous:

  • Cost-effective: Massasoit’s courses are typically at a lower cost than most four-year institutions, which can help you save money on tuition and other expenses.
  • Faster completion of prerequisites: You can use the summer to take classes that are prerequisites for your major, or general electives, freeing up your schedules during the regular academic year to focus on more advanced coursework.
  • Flexibility: Massasoit offers classes on campus and online, making it easier for students to balance their work, family, and other commitments.
  • Transferable credits: Many of our courses are transferable to four-year institutions, which means you can earn credits towards your degree while still enjoying your summer break.
  • Smaller class sizes: Massasoit’s classes are smaller in size. With a faculty to student ratio of 17:1, you can have more one-on-one attention from professors, and a better chance to participate in class discussions.

Overall, taking summer classes at Massasoit can be a smart choice if you want to make the most of your summer break while still progressing towards your academic goals.

Make this a productive and rewarding summer

Choose the session that fits your schedule.

Summer Semester – May 28 – August 8, 2024
Summer Session I – May 28 – July 1, 2024
Summer Session II – July 8 – August 8, 2024

Financial Aid

Most students will qualify for financial aid!

The first step is to complete your FAFSA – the earlier the better to make sure you’re ready to go at the start of summer.