“2013 was a Great Year for Learning”
“In 2013, I received my GED at the Blue Hills Adult Education Program and was referred to the Massasoit Community College’s Transition Program to continue my education. The Transition Program was a great introduction to the college experience; I truly felt like I was enrolled as a college student. After completing the Transition Program, I submitted my application to Massasoit and was accepted into the General Business Administration Transition Program; I started in fall of 2014. This is great program and I really appreciate the opportunity to attend.

On a side note: I was so inspired by the Transition Program and what Massasoit had to offer, I told my daughter about Massasoit Community College’s open house and she now attends Massasoit.

I would like to say thank you to both Blue Hills Adult Education and the Massasoit Community College’s Transition Programs. They have truly helped me to grow and continue my education. You are never too old to learn or to return to school.”

A former Transition student