“My experience with the Massasoit theatre program has been nothing short of phenomenal. Truthfully, having been acting since second grade and even competitively all throughout high school, I wasn’t sure what Massasoit had to offer me. Acting has always been a passion for me but at times I had a hard time believing it was the right thing for me to go into, career wise. After fully changing my major from biology to theatre, I quickly fell in love with the entire theatre community here at Massasoit. Fast forward to auditioning for Professor Corinne M. Mason; her techniques and often elusive ways of teaching really flipped a switch for me. Then I met Professor Peter Carey. He may not know it but he pushes me to go further than any other director/teacher I’ve ever had. Learning and working under these two’s tutelage has molded me into an even better actor than I expected to be. This program at Massasoit shows me there’s always room for growth. These are just two names that have impacted my time here at Massasoit. There are so many more hands that have helped craft the person you see on stage and even the person you see before you now. I know that when I go on to a four-year college and continue my future acting career these will be people I can always turn back to for guidance.”

Class of 2020