Educational and career success depends on clarity of written expression, the ability to analyze texts, and the language of others. English Department faculty encourage and support students in their efforts to develop and refine these abilities. We offer a variety of courses to challenge and stimulate students at all levels.


The typical Massasoit graduate completes at least six credits in English, as described in the Core Curriculum. Assessment in reading and writing are part of the orientation process for new students, and the department faculty place students into the courses that are appropriate to their skills. Some are placed into Preparing for College Reading I , Preparing for College Reading II , and/or Introductory Writing. These are courses that do not fulfill degree requirements, but do prepare students for the course work required by their programs. English Composition I and English Composition II are the typical sequence of required courses for most students, but a few test out of English Composition I and take English Composition II and another designated English, journalism, speech, or modern language course.

The department offers a range of electives beyond the first year writing sequence to give students the opportunity to expand their knowledge and appreciation of many writers and literary traditions of the world. Several are offered as web-based courses. All of the courses provide opportunities for students to continue to develop as writers.