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One of the many factors that students consider as they plan to transfer on to a four-year college is cost. The financial strength of a given college will dictate how generous that college can be with their financial aid. Here is a list of colleges and universities that, because of their financial strength, can be enormously generous with their need-based financial aid. Next to the name of the college you will see their acceptance rate for transfer students. This is not a complete list. For more information please see an advisor in the ACT Center.

COLLEGE                                                          TRANSFER ACCEPTANCE RATE*

Babson College                                                                       54%

Boston College                                                                        19%

Colgate University                                                                  20%

Cornell University                                                                   13%

Denison University                                                                  33%

Dickinson College                                                                   35%

Emory University                                                                    23%

Franklin & Marshall College                                                    32%

Hamilton College                                                                    22%

Kenyon College                                                                       48%

Lafayette College                                                                    29%

Lehigh University                                                                    22%

Skidmore College                                                                    37%

St. Olaf College                                                                       35%

Union College                                                                         35%

University of Notre Dame                                                      30%

University of Richmond                                                          37%

Vanderbilt University                                                              22%

Wake Forest University                                                          26%

*Figures provided by the College Board and subject to change.