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  • Andrew J. Cannata NCARB, AIA
    Andrew J. Cannata AIA
  • Russ Forsberg
    Building Inspector
    Town of Braintree
  • Ken Cimino
    Building Commissioner
    Dedham Building Department
  • Nick Cochis
    Vice President
    Walsh Cochis Architects
  • Panos Panagopoulos
    CAD operator
    Walsh Cochis Architects
  • Rob Currie
    Architectural Designer
    Currie Designs
  • Leo McCormack, NCARB, AIA
    Leo McCormack AIA
  • Arthur Rigor da Eva
    Architect (retired)
  • Al Kearney NCARB, AIA
    Al Kearney AIA
  • Shelia Gifford LEED
    Security Systems Engineer
    Good Harbor Techmark
  • Barry Turner NCARB, AIA
    Barry Turner Architect