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Placement by Outside Testing:

SAT1110Placement into English Composition I
ACT22Placement into English Composition I
International Baccalaureate
GPA2.7+Placement into English Composition I

Transfer Credit:

College Composition CLEP Exam50Counts as transfer credit for English Composition I
Analyzing and Interpreting Literature CLEP Exam50Counts as transfer credit for English Composition II
CLEP Exams Accepted at Massasoit Community College
AP3Counts as transfer credit for English Composition I and II
AP Exams Accepted at Massasoit Community College
* Students who score a 5 may take the CLEP College Composition Exam in order to receive 3 credits for English Composition I.  The CLEP composition Exam can be taken at Bridgewater Statue University.  It assesses first-year compositions skills, including analysis, argumentation, synthesis, usage, and research.  The exam consists of 50 multiple choice questions to be answered in 50 minutes and two essays to be written in 70 minutes; the entire exam is two hours. One essay is based on the student’s prior reading or experiences; the second essay provides two sources and asks the student to synthesizes and respond to them using research citations.  Students considering this option must be strong readers, writers, thinkers, and researchers accustomed to testing and writing within a time limit.  Given the complexity of the exam, it is advisable for placement scorers to be careful about considering a Massasoit placement essay, which is non-researched, a “4,” or to judiciously counsel students about taking the CLEP test and its implications for their transcript and transfer to other colleges.  More information about the exam can be found on the College Board website.

Placement by Massasoit Testing:

Writing Sample1 or2Placement into Introduction to Writing
Writing Sample3 or 4Placement into English Composition I
Writing Sample*5Placement into English Composition II
Accuplacer245 +No reading required
Accuplacer213 – 229Placement into Preparing for College Reading I
Accuplacer230 – 244Placement into Preparing for College Reading II