Tuition Waiver Policy

Several kinds of tuition waivers are available to Massasoit Community College students. These waivers include, but are not limited to, National Guard, Veteran, Senior Citizen, Native American, state employee, and ward of the state. Waiver documentation must be submitted by the bill due date, or at the time of registration, which ever is later. Waivers will not be processed retroactively. Waivers are not refundable.

Students will need to present documentation of eligibility, and may need to certify they meet all waiver eligibility requirements prior to having their waiver accepted. Students eligible for waivers should obtain clarification from the Financial Aid Office before making course selections.

Senior Citizens

Students eligible for the Senior Citizen Waiver need to certify US citizenship and MA residency, and present proof of age 60 yrs or greater. Senior Citizen Waivers will not be accepted until late registration, which is 1 week before the start of class, and enrollment of 15 students in the class is confirmed. Courses that are limited to 15 seat or less are not eligible for the Senior waiver without the consent of the instructor and division dean.

Veteran’s Information

Veterans eligible for Education Assistance Benefits under the GI Bill will be certified for courses taken during
the semester according to the following schedule:

  • 6-8 credits 1/2 Time
  • 9-11 credits 3/4 Time
  • 12 or more credits Full Time

Please go to Veterans Benefits and the Veterans Benefits Guide for additional information on all the programs available to veterans at Massasoit.

Commonwealth Employees Tuition Remission*

Any employee of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts who qualifies for tuition remission should consult the Board of Higher Education guidelines for proper enrollment procedures. These guidelines are available at your respective places of employment, and must be adhered to in order to receive the full benefits of this policy.

*All waivers must be presented at time of registration.