Marisa Hurst

Out of all her responsibilities working at a local real estate company, Marisa Hurst got most excited about planning company events and meals.  She loved researching and presenting options and negotiating prices with prospective vendors.  It was this passion that led Marisa to register for the Event Planning Certificate program at Massasoit Community College.  “I didn’t wait.  I just did it”, said Marisa about her decision to sign up for the program.

Having earned a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Management, Marisa wanted to combine a love for planning events with her business skills.  Event Planning Instructor, Karen Salhaney Smizer, encouraged Marisa and her classmates to gain as much exposure as possible.  Marisa accomplished this by volunteering and aggressively networking within the industry.  That exposure, she recalls, made a big difference for her.  Since graduating from the Event Planning program, Marisa is actively interviewing for event planning positions. 

As she considers her long-term career goals, Marisa hopes to become an entrepreneur, owning an event planning company or a venue to host events.  For now, she looks forward to learning the ropes and gaining hands-on experience.  She encourages those considering the program to sign up.  “Definitely do it!  I signed up on a whim.  I never thought all these awesome opportunities would come into play.”