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Learner Success Lab at Massasoit Community College

Massasoit, in partnership with the American Council on Education (ACE), is participating in their inaugural Learner Success Laboratory initiative in 2020-2022. This initiative supports a systematic and collaborative approach in exploring the status of learner success in our community. Learners include all who come to Massasoit to explore, learn, and grow as individuals regardless of demographic status. “Learner success” is defined as when they make consistent progress towards their goals; acquire and display career readiness skills; and engage in activities that enhance their intellectual curiosity and educational experience.

Our Lab project goal is to identify gaps in how we meet the needs of Massasoit learners through our institutional structures, policies, programs, and services. These findings will be the foundation of our data-informed recommendations on how to improve learner experiences and identify the systems that support them.

The work of the Massasoit Lab team is directed by:

Dr. Rubén Barato
Vice Provost of Student Affairs (September 2021-present)

Dr. Slandie Dieujuste
Former Vice Provost of Student Affairs and Dean of Students

Susan Hall
Professor, English Department, Modern Languages Department, and Academic ESOL Coordinator

Alessandra Monteiro
Director, Advising, Career and Transfer Center

Dr. Pamela Witcher
Vice Provost of Academic Affairs

The Learner Success Lab at Massasoit is overseen by ACE Lab Advisor Dr. Annette Parker, President of South Central College in Minnesota.

Learner Success Lab Timeline

May & June 2021
We researched and gathered information about our infrastructure, programs, and services across campus. Data collection was completed by June 30 and work resumed in late August.

August – November 2021
Beginning in late August, collected data was analyzed and compiled into a first draft report.

December 2021 – January 2022
During December and January the campus had the opportunity to provide feedback on the draft of the report.

February 2022
The American Council on Education’s Learner Success Laboratory peer review team met with individuals from across the college in February 2022 and issued their virtual site visit report on Massasoit. Read their report here.

March – April 2022
Massasoit’s final report will be finalized during March and April for sharing with ACE as well as with internal stakeholders for further consideration and implementation.

Role of the American Council on Education

ACE will assist Massasoit in the following activities:

  • Review current institutional activities related to learner success;
  • Identify challenges and obstacles;
  • Develop an action plan and desired student learning outcomes;
  • Recommend learner success goals and strategies;
  • Define key issues, facilitate dialogue, promote collective thinking; and
  • Build support for comprehensive learner success across campus.