Gateway to College is an early college high school program where students take college courses to satisfy high school requirements. Because they are enrolled in college courses, students in the Gateway to College program are considered college students, and are generating a college transcript.

It is important for students and parents to understand that, even though students in the Gateway to College program are not currently in a college degree-seeking program, the college transcript students are generating NOW (while in Gateway) is used to determine college admission and financial aid eligibility LATER.

Students planning to continue their education must understand that in order to qualify for financial aid, all classes need to be completed and successfully passed. Therefore, once a student begins taking college courses in the Gateway to College program, students need to maintain satisfactory academic progress (SAP).

It is critical that students and parents understand that starting Gateway to College is a commitment with long-term consequences if not successfully completed. Failing and/or withdrawing from college courses can negatively affect college admission and/or financial aid eligibility in the future if he/she does not put forth the effort to complete all courses successfully.

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Updated 8/23/2016