For some students, the transition from high school to college is not an easy one. Research indicates that parental support plays a critical role in the successful shift to an adult learning environment. As your student takes on adult responsibilities, your role will change, but your student still needs you. Students need you to support their growth, development, and independence, and to be a stable force in their ever-changing world. On occasion, they even need your advice—but they may or may not ask for it.

Please remember that Gateway to College students are responsible for abiding by the Massasoit Community College Student Code of Conduct, as well as the No Tolerance for Drugs/Alcohol policy found in the Massasoit Student Handbook.

Tips for Supporting Your Student*

  • Stay Connected
  • Check-In
  • Be Knowledgeable About Campus Resources
  • Continue to Have Difficult Conversations
  • Expect Change
  • Trust Your Student

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