1. Complete and submit the MassTransfer Application.
    As a MassTransfer applicant, you DO NOT have to write an essay and you DO NOT have to pay an application fee. In order to qualify for the MassTransfer benefits you must complete your Associate’s Degree before you begin classes at the four-year school.  Non-grads qualify for the MassTransfer General Education Foundation ONLY.

MassTransfer Application Suggested Deadlines
Please check with the individual University for their final MassTransfer application deadline.

  1. Send an official Massasoit college transcript to the University you are applying to.
    Request an official college transcript
  2. Send a Final Massasoit Transcript.
    After you have received your final grades, send a final Massasoit transcript to the University you have chosen to attend.

Check with the Student Central Office to ensure that your graduation status is recorded on your transcript before you request a final transcript.