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MassTransfer is a collaboration between the Commonwealth’s community colleges, state universities and the University of Massachusetts system. MassTransfer consists of general education foundation, A2B Degree Maps and the Commonwealth Commitment program that are all designed to maximize student transferability. Click the MassTransfer logo for the state website and specific Massasoit MassTransfer information provided below.

MassTransfer website

Massasoit MassTransfer Associate Degree Programs

  • Biology Transfer
  • Business Administration Transfer
  • Chemistry Transfer
  • Computer Science Transfer
  • Criminal Justice Transfer
  • Early Childhood Education & Admin Transfer
  • Elementary Education
  • Engineering Transfer
    (Chemical, Civil, Electrical, Mechanical)
  • Human & Social Services Transfer
  • Liberal Arts Studies
  • Liberal Arts Transfer
  • Liberal Arts Transfer-Science
  • Math Transfer
  • Media Arts
  • Psychology
  • Social Science Transfer
  • Theatre Arts

Participating State Universities:

MassTransfer Programs & Benefits

General Education Foundation

The General Education courses (also called the MassTransfer Block) are a foundation of any undergraduate degree. They are a set of 34 credits that can be transferred to State Universities or Umass Campus (with the receiving institution being able to add no more than six additional credits of general education requirements).

Please note that students who complete the general education foundation will have this noted on their Massasoit transcript but it will not guarantee admission to the four-year institution or waive tuition credit.

Completing the general education foundation is a great option for students who plan to transfer prior to graduating Massasoit. The programs listed above have the general education foundation embedded in their program for ease of transfer.

  • Complete 34 credits of general education foundation and save an average of 11% on your bachelor’s degree!
  • Transfer with GPA 2.0+ and have guaranteed transfer of credits
General Education FoundationCreditsMassasoit Courses/Areas in Gen Ed Foundation
Freshman English Composition/Writing6 CreditsEnglish 101 & English 102
Social Sciences9 CreditsAnthropology, Economics, Film 122, Geography, Government, History, Psychology, Religion, Sociology
Humanities or Fine Arts9 CreditsArt, Dance, English, Film, Journalism, Modern Language, Media, Music, Philosophy, Speech, Theater
Natural or Physical Sciences7 CreditsBiology, Chemistry, Physics, Earth Science
Mathematics3 CreditsMath 152, Math 153, Math 158, Math 203 or higher
Total 34 Credits
Note:  A Minimum Grade of D is required to satisfy courses in the General Education Foundation

A2B Degree (Associate to Bachelor’s) Pathways

The A2B Maps lay out a set of freshman and sophomore courses in your academic program so that the credits you earn at your Community College are guaranteed to transfer to a State University or UMass campus and count towards a bachelor’s degree. Completing the associates degree before transferring will save an average of 28% on your bachelor’s degree!

Students will receive the following benefits based upon graduation of a Massasoit associate degree and their final GPA

2.0+Guaranteed Transfer of Credits, No Application Fee, No Application Essay
2.5 +Above benefits plus guaranteed university admission:
Space permitting in the major and college
3.0 +Above benefits plus MassTransfer 100% Tuition Credit
For two years, provided student:
Matriculates within one year of receiving associate degree;
Enrolls continuously (full- or part-time) in day program; and
Achieves 3.00 GPA after first two semesters

Commonwealth Commitment Program

Massasoit students who are in an A2B Degree and who attend full-time (12 credits each semester), earn a cumulative 3.00 GPA or higher, have the opportunity to participate in the Commonwealth Commitment Program.

The Commonwealth Commitment Program is ONLY available to students who are in A2B GREEN MAPS/MAJORS  Students should meet with an academic advisor and review both their A2B map in conjunction with their DegreeWorks program audit to align both for proper course selection

There is a specific Commonwealth Commitment application that students need to fill out by visiting the Massasoit ACT Center by appointment

Applicants will be reviewed by a Commonwealth Commitment review team to ensure their application has met the state specifications for applying.

Students Commit To:

  • Begin at one of Massachusetts’ Community Colleges and applying before completing 15 college level credits (transfer credits count towards the 15)
  • Complete associate degree within 2.5 years
  • Transfer to one of Massachusetts’ State Universities or UMass campuses
  • Complete bachelor’s degree within 2 more years
  • Maintain full-time, continuous enrollment and a cumulative 3.00 GPA

Commonwealth Commitment to Students:

  • Freeze on all tuition & mandatory fees on program entry
    Valid until student successfully completes or leaves Commonwealth Commitment program. For example: Freeze reflects the tuition and mandatory fees rates in effect the year the student enters the program. If a student enters the Commonwealth Commitment at Massasoit Community College in Fall 2021, that student will be charged the same rates while at Massasoit. If the student transfers to a four year institution in Fall 2023, the student will pay the mandatory fee rates at four year institution at the Fall 2021 rates for the remainder of their bachelors degree. This freeze does not include discretionary fees and non-mandatory fees.
  • A 10% rebate off tuition & mandatory fees
    Payable at the end of every successfully completed semester with a 3.0 GPA or higher.
  • Additional MassTransfer Tuition Credit on bachelor’s program entry
  • Guaranteed admission
    Space permitting in the major and college
  • Guaranteed transfer of credits
  • No application fee or essay
    MassTransfer Application required by deadline

Students should meet with an academic advisor and use DegreeWorks to review the proper program and course selection for transfer to a four-year State College/University.