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MassTransfer is a collaboration between the Commonwealth’s community colleges, state universities and the University of Massachusetts. System-wide resources and policies allow for students to transfer seamlessly, stay on track and minimize the time it takes to earn a bachelor’s degree.

Massasoit MassTransfer Associate Degree Programs

Participating State Colleges/Universities:

MassTransfer consists of the following:

General Education Foundation

MassTransfer provides any student in the Massachusetts public higher education system who completes the General Education Foundation (MassTransfer Block) with the benefit of satisfying the general education/distribution/core requirements at any other public higher education institution (with the receiving institution able to add no more than six additional credits or two courses). Students do not receive any tuition credit benefits by only completing the general education foundation.

  • Complete 34 credits of general education foundation and save an average of 11% on your bachelor’s degree!
  • Transfer with GPA 2.0+ and have guaranteed transfer of credits
General Education FoundationCreditsMassasoit Courses/Areas in Gen Ed Foundation
Freshman English Composition/Writing6 CreditsEnglish 101 & English 102
Social Sciences9 CreditsAnthropology, Economics, Film 122, Geography, Government, History, Psychology, Religion, Sociology
Humanities or Fine Arts9 CreditsArt, Dance, English, Film, Journalism, Modern Language, Media, Music, Philosophy, Speech, Theater
Natural or Physical Sciences7 CreditsBiology, Chemistry, Physics, Earth Science
Mathematics3 CreditsMath 152, Math 153, Math 158, Math 203 or higher
Total 34 Credits
Note:  A Minimum Grade of D is required to satisfy courses in the General Education Foundation

A2B Degree (Associate to Bachelor’s) Mapped & Linked Programs

Beginning your college career at a community college is a smart choice. MassTransfer seeks to reward community college students who complete associate degrees at Massachusetts community colleges before they enroll in linked bachelor’s programs at Massachusetts state universities or University of Massachusetts campuses. Completing 60 credits before transferring will save an average of 28% on your bachelor’s degree!

Students will receive the following benefits based upon graduation of a Massasoit associate degree and their final GPA

2.0Guaranteed Transfer of Credits, No Application Fee, No Application Essay
2.5 or higherAbove benefits plus guaranteed university admission. (Check with four-year institution for specific GPA requirements for program of interest)
3.0 or higherAbove benefits plus MassTransfer 100% Tuition Credit

Commonwealth Commitment

A2B Degree students who attend full-time and earn a 3.00 GPA or higher also have the opportunity to participate in the Commonwealth Commitment.

The Commonwealth Commitment Program is ONLY available to students who are in A2B GREEN MAPS/MAJORS

The Commonwealth Commitment program further rewards students with a freeze on tuition & fees for all four years, and 10% end-of-semester rebate with a 3.0 or higher GPA.

Students Commit To:

  • Begin at one of Massachusetts’ Community Colleges and Enroll before 15 college credits
  • Complete associate degree within 2.5 years
  • Transfer to one of Massachusetts’ State Universities or UMass campuses
  • Complete bachelor’s degree within 2 more years
  • Maintain full-time, continuous enrollment and a cumulative 3.00 GPA

Commonwealth Commitment to Students:

  • Freeze on all tuition & mandatory fees on program entryValid until student successfully completes or leaves Commonwealth Commitment programFor example: Freeze reflects the tuition and mandatory fees rates in effect the year the student enters the program. If a student enters the Commonwealth Commitment at Massasoit Community College in Fall 2019, that student will be charged the same rates while at Massasoit.If the student transfers to Bridgewater State University in Fall 2021, the student will pay the mandatory fee rates at BSU at their Fall 2019 rates for the next two years and get the MassTransfer 100% tuition waiver (or “credit” at UMASS Campuses).This freeze does not include discretionary fees and non-mandatory fees.
  • A 10% rebate off tuition & mandatory fees
    Payable at the end of every successfully completed semester with a 3.0 or higher GPA
  • Additional MassTransfer Tuition Credit on bachelor’s program entry
  • Guaranteed admission
    Space permitting in the major and college
  • Guaranteed transfer of credits
  • No application fee or essay
    MassTransfer Application required by deadline

Students should meet with an academic advisor and use DegreeWorks to review the proper program and course selection for transfer to a four-year State College/University.