Program Description

Associate in Science Degree

The Business Administration Careers – Accounting program has been designed to allow and encourage the acquisition of specific skills that will enable students to enter and perform successfully in a variety of business career paths. The student will attain focus in his or her studies by concentrating in a sequence of courses collectively referred to as options.

The sequencing of specific course requirements within the Business Administration Careers Program allows the student whose career interests change after the first semester to switch Options or to switch into the transfer program with no risk of having to make up courses. Students are encouraged to consult with advisors before choosing any option sequence.

The Accounting option is designed for students who wish to pursue careers in areas such as accounting, auditing, financial advising, or tax preparation.

There are three other degree options within Business Administration:

Students whose interests change after the first semester can switch options or to switch into the Business Administration Transfer Program with no risk of having to make up courses. Business Administration Careers foster an attitude of self-improvement, responsibility, and professionalism with life-long learning as a core value.

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