The Business Administration Careers – Marketing option encourages students to acquire and develop competency in relevant and marketable business skills, including communications, quantitative analysis, critical thinking, research, and decision-making. Massasoit’s Associate in Science in Marketing enables students to explore the workplace as it relates to sales, retailing, and advertising

Marketing students will study business applications and communication, finances, accounting, sales, and a variety of electives. They are also introduced to a variety of business careers through learning experiences such as case analyses, simulations, community service, cooperative learning, and internships. Massasoit students gain an understanding and appreciation of technologies available in the information-based economy of the 21st century that enhance business operations.

There are three other degree options within Business Administration Careers:

Students whose interests change after the first semester can switch options or to switch into the Business Administration Transfer Program with no risk of having to make up courses. Business Administration Careers foster an attitude of self-improvement, responsibility, and professionalism with life-long learning as a core value.

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