Students studying Criminal Justice at Massasoit receive a practical education and technical skills rounded with electives in the sciences, social sciences and humanities – a strong academic foundation if they later choose to advance to a bachelor degree program. The Associate in Science in Criminal Justice – Career is geared to make students competitive in applying for entry-level criminal justice jobs and in applying to four-year colleges and universities.

Upon completion of the program, students have a solid foundation in criminal law and constitutional procedures, psychology, sociology, and criminology.

Criminal Justice also offers a Transfer option.

Both options lead students through the basic workings of the criminal justice system, including court operations, corrections, youth and social services, policing, and the private security industry. The program also focuses on social issues associated with criminal justice, such as the role alcohol, drugs, race, ethnicity, class and gender play in day-to-day criminal justice operations. Criminal Justice offers day and evening programs and is Quinn Bill-approved.

Massasoit offers a number of certificate programs that can complement your studies in Criminal Justice: