Program Description

Associate in Science Degree

The Criminal Justice – Transfer Degree Program provides students with educational experiences that will produce academic and technical skills, commensurate with a liberal arts education. The program is also geared to make its students competitive in applying for entry level criminal justice jobs and in applying to four-year colleges and universities. The Associate Degree program in Criminal Justice at Massasoit Community College includes day, evening, and online options.

Motivations for seeking a degree in Criminal Justice are many. Many wish to prepare for a career in municipal and state policing or attain a position in one of 21 federal law enforcement agencies, such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation; Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms; Drug Enforcement Administration; U.S. Customs Service; or U.S. Marshals Service. This program is Police Career Incentive Pay Program (PCIPP) approved.

Many students in this program exhibit an interest in the fields of corrections, probation, parole, juvenile justice, and private security.

Students devote approximately one-half of their time studying liberal arts and social science courses such as psychology, sociology, and English. The other half of their program is more directly related to the field of Criminal Justice.

NOTE: This program may qualify for MassTransfer. Please visit the MassTransfer website to confirm if the program you are interested at Massasoit and a participating state university qualifies.


Criminal Justice also offers a Career option.

Both options lead students through the basic workings of the criminal justice system, including court operations, corrections, youth and social services, policing, and the private security industry. The program also focuses on social issues associated with criminal justice, such as the role alcohol, drugs, race, ethnicity, class and gender play in day-to-day criminal justice operations. Criminal Justice offers day and evening programs and is Quinn Bill-approved.

Massasoit offers a number of certificate programs that can complement your studies in Criminal Justice:

  • Private Security-Basic
  • Private Security-Intermediate
  • Law Enforcement
  • Corrections

  • MassTransfer eligible program