Students must be formally admitted into the Radiologic Technology Program in order to take Radiologic Technology concentration courses. Radiology courses are sequential and must be completed in order. Admission to the program is selective and highly competitive.

Radiography Transfer Credits

Students wishing to transfer from an accredited 2-year Radiography Program may make an application to the College using standard procedure.

Massasoit Community College Transfer Credit Policy
Transfer may be granted if:

  • Transfer is from a 2-year, accredited program in a similar institution.
  • Student has successfully completed at least one semester in the initial program.
  • Curriculum, credit awards, and sequencing of original program is closely comparable to that of Massasoit Community College.
  • Documentation of comparable clinical competency is provided.
  • Permission of Registrar and Program Officials is granted

How to Apply

All Paperwork for Admissions must be submitted together to the Admissions office. The Application Deadline date is February 1st of every year.

  • Submit a completed application form to the Admissions Office.
  • Submit official high school transcript (in a sealed envelope) certifying date of graduation or an official GED transcript.
  • Submit ALL official college transcripts (in a sealed envelope) from other institutions attended.

Attend the Required Information Session (prior to the final application deadline February 1st) *

Priority consideration will be given to students who have successfully completed Biological Principles, Anatomy and Physiology I& II, English I&II, College Algebra or Higher, Sociology or Psychology with a grade of B or better.

All items must be submitted together to the Admissions Office before the deadline date of February 1st. Incomplete applications received in the mail or in person or applications received after the deadline date will not be reviewed and will be returned.

*Informational sessions are held in the Fall of every year.

The session is approximately two (2) hours in length. Program officials will discuss with you how the program structure, additional costs of the program, and student clinical education site assignments. The session will also include the program policies regarding absences, completion of course assignments, grading policies, continuing education in other imaging modalities after you receive your degree in radiology, employment opportunities, average salaries and how you can increase your chances of being accepted into this highly competitive program. An admissions counselor will discuss the completion of the necessary paperwork, course transfer policies, how to transfer from one program to another at Massasoit and will answer your questions about other college policies.
Call 508-588-9100 x1411 to sign up for a mandatory information session.

View Information Sessions

Again, you must submit all of your admissions application materials together. The admission committee will review only files of candidates for admission that are complete.

Additional Costs

In addition to the college tuition and fees cost, the Radiologic Technology Program requirements additional costs a student must bear while in the program. They are the following:

  • Prior to start of Program
    • CPR: $20.00 to $40.00
    • Immunizations: Fees vary depending on the immunization needed and the student’s insurance coverage
  • During Program
    • Health Insurance: Cost vary depending on the insurance company and coverage selected
    • Malpractice Insurance: $14.00/academic year
    • Books/e-books: approximately $1200.00
    • Uniforms + Accessories: approximately $250.00/academic year
    • Clinical Record-Keeping – TRAJECSYS: $150.00
    • Health Record-Keeping: $50.00
    • Society Dues/Conference: $150.00
  • After Graduation
    • National/State Examination Fees: ARRT: $200.00
    • State License application and State Licensing Fee: $75.00 + $150.00 for total of $225.00

Associated Costs

  • In addition to regular tuition and fees, students are responsible for the purchase of uniforms, books, health insurance, protective eye-wear and other associated costs.
  • Students must also possess reliable transportation to and from clinical assignments.
  • Cost information will be found in Tuition and Fees / Tuition Options for each semester. Financial Aid / Refund Policies /Withdrawal and other policies the Rad program obeys by the college policies and procedures.