Withdrawal from a course or the College

Please see the Deadline and Refund Schedule for specific withdrawal dates.

A grade of “W” will be recorded on the student’s transcript after the official withdrawal procedure has been completed. Students are encouraged to speak to their advisor before withdrawing from any course. Please be advised that ceasing to attend a class may result in an administrative withdrawal or a failing grade. If a student stops attending classes but does not formally withdraw, the student will receive a failure (F) in any course involved. Failures are averaged into the GPA for all students.

Military Leave/Withdrawal

Massasoit Community College adheres to the Massachusetts Public Colleges and Universities policy on students who are called to active military duty as follows:

Students who are unable to complete a semester because they are called to active United States military duty shall, upon verification, be granted the option of a refund or credit of tuition and campus fees. With respect to any health insurance fee, the refund policy is subject to the concurrence of the institution’s insurance carrier.

Any students who have received any form of financial aid, including a full or partial scholarship or student loan or who expect to receive such, should contact the Financial Aid Office at their respective institution to make appropriate arrangements.

Students shall receive non-punitive withdrawals in all courses from which they are required to withdraw.

Verification shall be provided by furnishing the Registrar with a copy of the Order to Active Duty within one week (7 days) of receipt of the order. If the Order is not in writing, the student may sign an affidavit attesting to such order which includes an address or telephone number where the institution can verify the Order and furnish the affidavit to the Registrar within one week (7 days) of receipt of the order. The institution’s president may waive or suspend any institutional policy or regulation that negatively impacts students in their withdrawal or subsequent readmission to the institution due to a call to active duty.

The institution, upon request of a student, should assist the student in filing mitigating circumstances forms with external state or federal agencies (for example Veterans Affairs) in an attempt to prevent overpayment charges being made against the student.

Any student required to withdraw due to being called to active duty shall be given priority in enrollment in the program of his or her choice upon return to the institution for the two semesters immediately following his or her discharge from active duty.

To initiate the process, students must go to the Registrar’s Office, complete a Withdrawal from the College form, and provide a copy of the Order to Active Duty or an affidavit as described above. A grade of W will be recorded for all courses after the official withdrawal procedure has been completed. For more information, contact the Veteran Services Counselor at 508-588-9100, ext. 1063 or at veterans@massasoit.mass.edu.

How to withdraw

To withdraw, you can follow any one of these options:

  1. Login to your MyMassasoit student portal and select Withdrawal Form from the Registration & Financial Services menu
  2. Complete a Withdrawal Form