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Tutor Referrals
The ARC and The Writing & World Language Center are in need of tutors for the upcoming semester who meet the standards recommended by the College Reading and Learning Association. If you know of a student who is currently/previously enrolled in your class who would be a solid candidate for tutoring, please indicate his/her name and subject areas and assess his potential to perform the duties of a tutor.

To refer a student for a Peer Tutor position
We welcome faculty referrals of peer tutors! If you have a current or former student who excels in a specific discipline (for which the ARC offers tutoring) and has strong communication and interpersonal skills, please feel welcome to make a referral. When we need additional tutoring staff for the respective discipline, we will invite the student you have referred in for an interview. For your reference a job description for the position of Peer Tutor is provided.

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Academic Integrity Statement
The ARC administrative team and staff feel strongly about Helping Students to Help Themselves. As such, this is the mindset with which we approach tutoring, tutor training, and services to students with disabilities. We clearly communicate and reinforce the role and responsibilities of a student actively engaged in the learning process and strive to assist the college’s under-prepared students in their venture to become independent learners. Academic integrity is at the forefront of our concerns when working with students, for the benefit of the student’s own growth and development. We also recognize the need for faculty to have confidence in the practices of our staff and the philosophy of our center. We welcome on open dialogue with faculty about concerns surrounding issues of academic integrity.

Reassigned Time for Full-Time Faculty
The ARC was originally founded by Massasoit faculty and has a rich history of collaboration with faculty. In keeping with the tradition of faculty involvement and in line with the ARC mission, each semester we have the good fortune to have a few full-time faculty members, reassigned to the ARC for a portion of their workload, to provide tutorial services to students. These faculty tutors are invaluable to our center as they provide professional academic support to students while also keeping the ARC abreast of departmental issues and concerns. They act as informal liaisons between the ARC and academic departments and serve as good role models and coaches for the professional development of peer and paraprofessional tutors. Tutoring in the ARC also gives the faculty member a good vantage point from which to see a cross-section of the student body.

We welcome your interest in be reassigned a course section to the ARC. Careful planning and coordination with the respective ARC Coordinator for your discipline and permission from your Division Chairperson and the Vice President of Faculty and Instruction are needed to be reassigned time to the ARC. In addition, ARC scheduling and funding are factors in determining such opportunities. Please let us know of your interest as soon as possible. For your reference a job description for the position of Faculty Member on Re-Assigned time to the ARC is provided.

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