COVID-19 Updates
The college is operating remotely, including offices and most classes; anyone scheduled to be on campus must complete a daily health screen. Read More

The Massasoit Gender Sexuality Alliance (The GSA)
The GSA is a vibrant collective of students from all walks of life who affirm, celebrate, and empower Massasoit’s LGBTQIA+ community. We welcome all folks regardless of sexual orientation, identity, or gender expression. Yes, you too, allies! During the summer semesters, we are continuing our twice-weekly Zoom meetings: Wednesdays and Fridays at noon. If you would like to join us or request more information, please contact or find us on Facebook:

The LGBTQIA+ Equity Team
The LGBTQIA+ Equity Team was established in Spring 2020 to further support the LGBTQIA+ community on campus.

For questions, comments, or more information about the Massasoit LGBTQIA+ Equity Team contact Associate Dean of Students, Joe DiMaria, at

The Massasoit Office of Diversity & Inclusion
Diversity is an embedded part of Massasoit Community College’s Mission, Values and Goals. We are rich in diversity — gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, ability, socioeconomic status, and more. The mission of the Office of Diversity and Inclusion is to build and support a culturally competent community where all students, faculty, staff, and visitors are welcomed, respected, and valued.

For questions, comments, or more information about the Office of Diversity & Inclusion please contact Yolanda Dennis, Chief Diversity Officer at:

The Dean of Students Office
Student care is the top priority of Massasoit‘s Dean of Students office. The Dean of Student’s office is here to assist students with information and referrals to campus resources. We strive to help students in the resolution of problems or concerns, and promote initiatives that address students’ care, needs, and success. We also serve as a resource for families, faculty, and staff in supporting student success at Massasoit.

For questions, or more information regarding services and resources please contact Kristine Bohmer at

The Preferred Name Taskforce
Members of the Massasoit community should feel empowered to be called by a preferred/chosen first name. By allowing individuals to use a preferred/chosen first name, the College hopes to provide an inclusive, safe, and nondiscriminatory educational experience. Reasons for name changes may include transgender or gender nonconforming identities, international members or other members who wish to adopt an English language name, individuals known by names that are different from their legal names, or individuals who have popular names who wish to use a different one. Equally important, no student, faculty, or staff member should feel pressure to take on an Anglicized/Americanized first name for acceptance or the convenience of others.

For more information regarding the Preferred Name Taskforce, please contact Yolanda Dennis at

Massasoit C.A.R.E.S (Community Resources for Educational Success)
At Massasoit, we want you to be successful inside and outside of the classroom! To help you succeed, we are offering community assistance resources for educational success (C.A.R.E.S.) to all students, available at the Brockton Campus. Learn more here.

For more information, please contact our Director of Basic Needs Security Sean Dadsetan-Foley at