Pride at MassasoitPride @ Massasoit celebrates LGBTQIA+ identities, creates opportunities to gather around shared experiences, raises awareness in the campus and local communities about ongoing inequity and injustice experienced by LGBTQIA+ folks, and provides opportunities for individual and community growth through mentorship and support programs.

Working closely with campus and local partners, our goal is to strengthen and uplift the LGBTQIA+ community and enrich the lives of those we serve.

Our Work: LGBTQIA+ Equity Team

The LGBTQIA+ Equity Team was established in Spring 2020 to further support the LGBTQIA+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, asexual, and more) community at the College. Work areas are divided into seven groups:


Recruit and onboard new members, coordinate Team-wide email communications, manage Microsoft Teams space, schedule remote and in-person meetings, and facilitate productive and respectful discussions.

Brand Development

In collaboration with Marketing & Communications, create and maintain a brand identity for Pride @ Massasoit. Curate web content, design informational and promotional materials, and manage communications about Equity Team activities to the campus and local communities.

Climate Assessment

Collaborate with Institutional Research to gather and assess data about the experiences of LGBTQIA+-identified faculty, staff, and students. Manage participation in the Campus Pride Index. Provide data analyses and action plans based on national standards and best practices.

Event Planning

Plan, manage, and promote signature LGBTQIA+-focused programming for the campus community, including yearly Pride and Lavender Graduation events. Partner with departments, student organizations, alumni, and community organizations.


Design, manage, and assess a faculty and staff mentorship program for LGBTQIA+-identifying students.

Policy and Implementation

Review and identify areas for intervention in current and future policies to promote equity and inclusion for LGBTQIA+ students, faculty, and staff. Provide recommendations to College administration, Information Technology, and other parties as necessary.

Training and Curriculum

Design content and instructional delivery for “LGBTQIA+ 101” and inclusive classrooms professional development workshops. Develop curricula, manage training, track participation, assess content and facilitation, and support continuing education.

LGBTQIA Equity Team Contact Info:

  • Jessica Correia (She/Hers)
    Executive Director of Student Central
    SC208 A *Brockton Campus
    508-588-9100 Ext. 1113
  • Michael Roggow (He/Him)
    Dean of Business & Technology
    B217 *Brockton Campus
    508-588-9100 Ext. 1677
  • Professor Robin Peery (He/Him)
    Professor of Humanities
    H101 *Brockton Campus
    508-588-9100 Ext. 1815
  • Kristine Bohmer (She/Hers)
    Academic Coordinator for Early College Access
    SC201 C *Brockton Campus
    508-588-9100 Ext. 1409
  • Alex Villanueva (He/Him)
    Executive Director of Communications & Marketing
    A211 *Brockton Campus
    508-588-9100 Ext. 1846
  • Professor Christina Birmingham (She/Her)
    Professor of Public Service & Social Science
    LA111 *Brockton Campus
    508-588-9100 Ext. 1918
  • Rachel Franciosi (She/Hers)
    Administrative Assistant for Math & Science
    S111 *Brockton Campus
    508-588-9100 Ext. 1611
  • Ana Estabrooks (She/Hers)
    Science Division Safety Officer for Biology
    SC218 *Brockton Campus
    508-588-9100 Ext. 1076
  • Annmarie Maw (She/Hers)
    Administrative Assistant for Student Life
    SC1883 *Brockton Campus
    508-588-9100 Ext. 1481
  • Judi Smith (She/Hers)
    Latch Program Academic Counselor
    SC 129C
    508-588-9100 Ext 1892
  • Abid Rahman (He/Him)
    EDP System Analyst
    T543 *Brockton Campus
    508-588-9100 Ext.