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Pride at MassasoitPride @ Massasoit celebrates LGBTQIA+ identities, creates opportunities to gather around shared experiences, raises awareness in the campus and local communities about ongoing inequity and injustice experienced by LGBTQIA+ folks, and provides opportunities for individual and community growth through mentorship and support programs.

Working closely with campus and local partners, our goal is to strengthen and uplift the LGBTQIA+ community and enrich the lives of those we serve.

Our Work: LGBTQIA+ Equity Team

The LGBTQIA+ Equity Team was established in Spring 2020 to further support the LGBTQIA+ community on campus. Priorities for this team were created in four work groups.

Safe Space Program Training and Curriculum
Design content and instructional delivery for an “LGBTQIA+ 101” and inclusive classrooms professional development workshops. Will include three different mediums for instructional delivery: face-to-face, remote learning, and self-paced. Develop the process to request training. Assess current facilitator pool’s skills and comfort level and provide recommendations for future knowledge-building within the facilitator pool. Develop a recruitment plan for future facilitators.

Mentorship and Celebrations
Design a faculty and staff mentorship program for LGBTQIA+-identifying students (recruitment, assignment, evaluation). Plan and implement two (fall and spring) signature LGBTQIA+ celebration events for the campus community. Identify key “Safe Spaces” for students, both physically and virtually.

Brand Development for Pride @ Massasoit
Collaborate with Marketing & Communications to create a brand identity for Pride @ Massasoit. Responsible for web content, print materials design, and promotional items. Create safe space kit items (stickers, buttons, signage, etc). Create directory of trained “safe space” faculty, staff, and offices.

LGBTQIA+ Climate Survey
Collaborate with Institutional Research to design and implement a campus-wide climate survey aimed at gathering data about the experiences of LGBTQIA+-identifying faculty, staff, and students. Will include data analysis and action planning based on national standards and best practices.

What’s happening with PRIDE @ Massasoit

PRIDE @ Massasoit hosted a celebration of LGBTQIA+ Pride Month on June 3, 2021!