2019- 2024 Massasoit Community College Strategic Plan

The 2019 – 2024 Massasoit Community College Strategic Plan marks the seventh strategic planning cycle at the College. Adopted from Patrick Sanaghan’s Collaborative Strategic Planning.

Phase I: Getting Organized

Began in December 2018.

Phase II: Data Gathering & Engagement

The current phase of Massasoit’s strategic planning process. A 21-person Strategic Planning Task Force consisting of two chair people and interdepartmental employees held its inaugural meeting in February 2019. The Task Force undertook its initial data-gathering activity during Spring Convocation on February 26, 2019 when more than 100 Massasoit employees assembled into four focus groups to brainstorm strategic themes.

During a subsequent Task Force meeting, four subcommittees were created and assigned additional Phase II tasks. The subcommittees meet regularly and provide progress reports to the Communications Subcommittee for dissemination to the entire college community. The four standing subcommittees are:

  • Student Focus Groups/Surveys – obtains student feedback
  • Community Focus Groups/Surveys – obtains community feedback
  • Data Analysis – processes & analyzes resultant data
  • Communications – apprises Task Force & community of strategic planning progress

Phase III: Making Sense of the Issue

Data gathered from Phase II, in addition to relevant surveys and available institutional data, will be summarized and top trends will begin to be identified and shared with Massasoit’s Board of Trustees. The two Strategic Planning Task Force co-chairs, with assistance of the Task Force, will begin to construct the framework for each theme’s concept paper, which will be discussed at Convocation at the end of May 2019.

Based on feedback from discussions and workshops at the May Convocation, the theme concept papers will be completed in June/July 2019 and be disseminated to the college community in August 2019.

Phase IV: Vision Conference

Will be held in September 2019, with the findings being delivered to the college community.

Phase V: Goals Conference

Set to take place in December 2019 or January 2020.

Strategic Planning Goals (draft / PDF)

1Sanaghan, P. (2009). Collaborative strategic planning in higher education. Washington, DC: National Association of College and University Business Officers.