The Digital Media Arts Center (DMAC) at Massasoit is a leading edge Digital Production facility that provides a full range of classroom and college related television and audio production services to the Massasoit College Community. The Digital Media Arts Center is a totally hands-on environment which actively recruits students, faculty, and staff to work in the facility on advanced equipment and provides direct access and instruction to any student, faculty, or staff member who wants to learn on, and about, digital media technology in a friendly, creative, and technically advanced facility. Services include full Broadcast Production studio, non-linear editing, multimedia hardware and software labs, and duplication of recorded campus events and programs. Programming produced by the Digital Media Arts Center is cablecast over the regional Massasoit Channel.

Students interested in TV/Radio and Audio classes should consider enrolling in the Media Arts Associate Degree program.

Facilities and Services

The Digital Media Arts Center at Massasoit directly supports Media and other courses at the college. The facility is utilized by faculty, staff and students to learn Television Production, Digital Video Editing, High Definition, Radio and Digital Audio Production, Digital Music and Digital Media/Web Production. The area includes a 40X40 foot soundstage, a PC (Avid) and Apple Mac (Final Cut Pro) Non-linear editing lab, a full Broadcast Digital Video Production control room, with direct-to-disk digital recording, an audio/music production lab, two radio/digital audio production rooms, a multi-track digital audio recording station, a cable channel head-end, and full DVD creation and authoring production station.

The studio produces a number of regular series television programs which include educational, informational, and entertainment programming like: musical and comedy shows, plays, live performance, campus speeches, event coverage, Graduation ceremonies, Honors Convocation, community events and more!

The Digital Media Arts Center operates The Massasoit Channel, a regional cable channel which can be seen on Comcast Channel 22 in Brockton , Holbrook and Whitman , Massachusetts and Channel 98 in Easton and Raynham , Massachusetts . Programming produced, recorded, hosted, and edited by Massasoit Students, Faculty and Staff is shown nightly on our regional Educational Access channel. Students also produce radio programs that are broadcast live on the Massasoit Channel.

The studio library includes over a hundred categories of more than twenty-four years of programming, including a visual archive of the history of Massasoit Community College. The Tape archive is currently being digitally mastered to Hard Disk and DVD to preserve the College’s history for future generations of students.

The facility also provides legal duplication and backup services to support classroom teaching and learning at the College.