Grades are recorded using a four-point system. Grade point average (GPA) is a calculation of a student’s average grade either by semester or overall. The semester GPA is determined by dividing the total quality points earned in the semester by the sum of credits completed. The cumulative GPA is the total quality points acquired divided by the total credits attempted. For example, 26 quality points divided by 13 credits equals a 2.0 GPA.

The number of quality points earned is determined by multiplying the grade point value earned by the credits granted for that course. For example, a student receiving a grade of C in a three-credit course would receive six quality points (i.e., grade point value of 2.0 times the three credits successfully completed).

Grade Point Average (GPA)

Grades are reported using a four-point system. The following are included in the Grade Point Average GPA:

Letter GradeGPAStatus
D+1.3Less than Satisfactory

The following grades are not included in the GPA:

  • AU – Audit: Indicates permission for a student to participate in a class without the intent of earning academic credit. Audits in a course are allowed on a space-available basis. An audit status may not be changed to full registration nor may full registration be changed to an audit status after the course begins.
  • I – Incomplete: Given by the instructor if at least a majority of the course work has been completed. In this event, the student is required to contact the instructor as soon as possible, certainly no later than 30 days after the semester, to determine how the work will be made up. The grade of Incomplete will remain open through the following semester (summer sessions excluded) at which time, if not changed by the instructor, the grade of Incomplete becomes a Failure.
  • NG – No Grade: Indicates that the faculty member did not submit a grade at the time that grades were rolled to a student’s academic history.
  • P – Pass: Given for successful completion of certain internships, practicums, community service courses, and other courses. This grade has no impact on the GPA but the course may be counted toward graduation.
  • W – Withdrawn: Indicates withdrawal from a 15-week course by Friday of the 10th week of classes. The withdrawal period for courses meeting fewer than 15 weeks will be prorated accordingly. Students who withdraw from the College any time after the first week will receive Ws for all their courses. Failure to officially withdraw will result in a failing grade on the student’s transcript.