Grades are recorded using a four-point system. Grade point average (GPA) is a calculation of a student’s average grade either by semester or overall. The semester GPA is determined by dividing the total quality points earned in the semester by the sum of credits completed. The cumulative GPA is the total quality points acquired divided by the total credits attempted. For example, 26 quality points divided by 13 credits equals a 2.0 GPA.

The number of quality points earned is determined by multiplying the grade point value earned by the credits granted for that course. For example, a student receiving a grade of C in a three-credit course would receive six quality points (i.e., grade point value of 2.0 times the three credits successfully completed).

Grade Point Average (GPA)

Grades are reported using a four-point system. The following are included in the Grade Point Average GPA:

Letter GradeGPAStatus
D+1.3Less than Satisfactory

The following grades are not included in the GPA:

  • AU – Audit: Students may audit a course for no academic credit. They will receive a grade of “AU” for the class, which will have no effect on their GPA.Students who audit a course are not required to complete work assignments, take tests, or fulfill laboratory requirements. However, the auditing students are allowed to participate in such activities should they wish to do so. Auditing students must adhere to all class safety procedures.

    Students must still meet the required prerequisites for the course in order to register as an audit. To request audit status, students must register for the course in person in Student Central on the Brockton or Canton campus, by email request from their Massasoit email account to, or through the website registration form indicating “Audit” on the form. Any request to audit a course or any changes from “credit” to “audit” or “audit” to “credit” must be requested by the add/drop date of the term of the course.

    Courses in selective admissions programs are not allowed to be audited.

    Full tuition and fees apply to audited courses. Financial aid cannot be used to pay for audited courses as they do not fulfill degree or certificate requirements.

  • I – Incomplete: Instructors have sole discretion in assigning a temporary grade of Incomplete (I) to a student when at least the majority of the work for the class has been completed. Incomplete grades are not computed in determining the semester and cumulative GPA, and semesterly honors statuses like Dean’s List are not awarded until after the Incomplete grade has been changed and an official semester GPA determined.The instructor of the course has the right to establish the appropriate amount of time for the student to make up the missing work to determine a final grade. However, the instructor must change the grade by the end of the following semester (specific semester information below) or the grade will change automatically to a Failure (F). Grade changes must be submitted on the official grade change form, located in the MyMassasoit portal. The Incomplete grade cannot be changed to a Withdrawal (W).

    The student is expected to take the initiative in seeking to complete coursework necessary to change the Incomplete to a letter grade.

    Timelines for Incomplete (I) to Failure (F) processing:

    • If a student receives an Incomplete (I) in the winter, spring, or summer semesters and the student has not completed the work for the instructor to change it to a letter grade, it will be converted to a Failure (F) at the end of the fall semester.
    • If a student receives an Incomplete (I) in the fall semester and the student has not completed the work for the instructor to change it to a letter grade, it will be converted to a Failure (F) at the end of the spring semester.

    Individual programs may have different grading requirements based on accreditation rules. Contact the program director for information on individual grading policies.

  • NG – No Grade: Indicates that the faculty member did not submit a grade at the time that grades were rolled to a student’s academic history.
  • P – Pass: Given for successful completion of certain internships, practicums, community service courses, and other courses. This grade has no impact on the GPA but the course may be counted toward graduation.
  • W – Withdrawn: Indicates withdrawal from a course. Withdrawals do not count toward a student’s GPA.