University Collaborative at Massasoit

Fast-track your Bachelor’s degree with Massasoit and Curry College.

Massasoit has partnered with Curry College to offer a new Business Administration Pathway for Massasoit students and alumni.

Why Curry College?

  • Curry accepts your entire Associate Degree
  • Fixed tuition, on-par with state schools
  • Just one class at a time, one night a week

Curry College’s B.S. in Business Pathway

  1. Bring us your Associate Degree
  2. Take these 10 Curry College courses
  3. Add 26 more elective credits – transfer them from prior institutions when you start, or complete them at Curry, Massasoit, or the school of your choice, at your pace.

You’ve earned your Bachelor of Science in Business Administration.


BUS 2150 Quantitative Methods
MIS 1010 Technology in Business
BUS 2250 Operations Management
BUS 2570 Financial Management
BUS 3930 Management of International Business
BUS 3950 Business Ethics
BUS 3980 Senior Seminar: Management Policy
BUS Elective: 2000/3000 level – BUS 3510 Leadership
BUS Elective: 2000/3000 level – BUS 3560 Global Marketing
General Elective: BUS 2610 Crisis Management*

* BUS 1000 for those who did not complete BUSN 110 at Massasoit Community College

University Collaborative at Massasoit