The Computer Science department at Massasoit is devoted to helping students reach their full potential for success in their academic and professional careers. We provide students with dynamic learning experiences that emphasize critical thinking skills, collaboration, creatively, and communication. We are future focused and enjoy the challenges presented in the ever-changing field of computer science.

To match the academic rigor required in the field, we hold high expectations and standards, which are critical to the mastery of course outcomes and to the long-term academic success of our students. We encourage active learning, responsibility, and collaboration in the classroom. We practice analytical thinking, maintain an up-to-date curriculum, always put our students first, and prepare our Computer Science Transfer students to transfer to a four-year college or university.

Computer science courses are currently available on campus and remotely.

Massasoit and the Computer Science department are committed to equity, accommodation, providing support and resources, and helping all students succeed. Individuals from all backgrounds, abilities and skill levels are encouraged to enter the computer science program.