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Students at Massasoit enroll in biology courses for a variety of reasons. Some enroll because they plan to transfer to Allied Health programs or to four-year institutions as Biology majors. Others are taking courses as a part of general education requirements for programs at Massasoit or at four-year institutions.

Biology Challenge Exam

Students may request a waiver of Biological Principles I as a prerequisite for other biology courses, based on a passing score on the biology challenge exam. For more information on the exam, select the Biology Challenge Exam link.

The Biology Department offers courses that emphasize basic principles of biology, the relationship between structure and function, and the appreciation of the unity and diversity of life. Many of the courses include a laboratory component in order to introduce students to the process of science as well as the basic concepts. The courses are designed to reinforce the Cross Curriculum Competencies: critical thinking, technological skills, oral communication, quantitative skills, reading, and writing.

The field of biology is constantly changing as advances in technology provide new insights into the functions of biological systems. For that reason, the department has instituted a seven-year limit for the transfer of biology courses to be used as prerequisites for upper-level courses.

Study Skills Workshops
Good note taking and test taking skills are important for student success. The department regularly offers Study Skills Workshops on note taking and test taking. The PowerPoint slides from the presentations are available for review.
Note Taking | Test Taking

Access & Disability Resources
The department also embraces the position of the Access & Disability Resources Office at the college. Students with disabilities who believe that they may need accommodations in the classroom are encouraged to contact a disability counselor as soon as possible, in order to ensure that such accommodations are implemented in a timely fashion.


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