The Faculty members of the Biology Department at Massasoit are committed to helping students understand and appreciate the complexity of living systems.  Whether taking biology courses to satisfy curiosity, fill general education requirements, prepare for an Allied Health program, or on the path to a higher degree in biology, students who rise to the challenges of biology courses become better prepared for whatever lies ahead.  Teaching and learning biological concepts both require organization, creativity, critical thinking, and collaboration.  We encourage active approaches to learning foundational biological knowledge and scientific skills.  We believe that taking biology courses should strengthen student approaches to learning that will help them to succeed in their personal, educational, and professional goals.  We aim to maintain college standards and rigor while fostering an accommodating, inclusive, and equitable learning environment. 

Biology Challenge Exam

Students may request a waiver of Biological Principles I as a prerequisite for other biology courses, based on a passing score on the Biology Challenge Exam that is administered by Massasoit’s Testing and Assessment Center and graded by Biology Faculty.


  • # MassTransfer eligible program
  • * Selective admissions program
  • ^ Not Financial Aid Eligible