The Mathematics Department at Massasoit is focused on helping students to fulfill their potential and build better lives. We believe in putting students first in all that we do. Our approach to teaching mathematics is to promote active learning and student responsibility. We believe that high expectations and standards are critical to the mastery of course outcomes and to the long term academic success of our students. We support experimentation in the classroom and encourage teaching through alternative modalities. We believe in using data to improve student success and to guide departmental decision-making.

The Massasoit Math Team

Do you love math? Massasoit’s Math Team annually competes in a national contest sponsored by the American Mathematical Association of Two-Year Colleges. Any Massasoit student, full or part time, who has not earned a two-year college or higher degree is eligible to participate.


  • # MassTransfer eligible program
  • * Selective admissions program
  • ^ Not Financial Aid Eligible