COVID-19 Updates
The college is operating remotely, including offices and most classes; anyone scheduled to be on campus must complete a daily health screen. Read More

Students below the traditional age-level for college are welcome at Massasoit Community College and must comply with the following procedures in order to register for credit and non-credit courses, with the exception of classes/activities specifically designed for youth learners; for example, Sports Camps, Summer Science Camps, MCAS tutoring, Robotics.

Youth learners, those who have not yet reached the age of sixteen (16), will be considered for credit and non-credit courses on a case-by-case basis. A parent/guardian and the student must complete the Youth Learner Request to Enroll Form and obtain the approval signature of the Dean of Students on the Brockton Campus or the Vice-President of the Canton Campus, or their designee, or the Director of the Middleborough Center and the appropriate Division Dean, or his/her designee, before registering for credit or non-credit courses.

The college reserves the right to limit or deny enrollment of a student under the age of sixteen (16) in credit or non-credit courses based on its case-by-case consideration of a variety of factors, including but not limited to: the student’s maturity level, life experience, placement test scores, pre-requisites, prior education, course content, instructional methodology, and risks or requirements associated with a particular course(s).

The Youth Learner Request to Enroll Form can be obtained below or at the Registrar’s office on either Brockton or Canton campus, the Main Office at the Middleborough Center, Dean of Students Office on Brockton Campus or in the office of Vice-President of Canton Campus. See other side for specific information.

Registration Steps for Youth Learner

  • Meet all course pre-requisites, including taking the college’s Placement Examinations in Reading, Writing, and Mathematics, if required.
  • Meet with the Dean of Students in Brockton or the Vice President of Canton, or their designee, or the Director of the Middleborough Center for approval signature.
  • Meet with the appropriate Division Dean for each course or his/her designee for approval signature.
  • High School students who are applying for Dual Enrollment for the CDEP, Commonwealth Dual Enrollment Program, (Grant Funding) or MDEP, Massasoit Dual Enrollment Program (Reduced Tuition), must bring this completed form to the Dual Enrollment Coordinator in the Admissions Office along with a completed Dual Enrollment Application Form and a completed Registration Form.
  •  If you are not applying for the CDEP Grant or MDEP reduced tuition, you can bring this form to the Registrar’s Office or give the Form to the Director of the Middleborough Center to register for approved courses and pay full tuition for the approved course.
  • Pay tuition and fees at the Business Office, Brockton/Canton, or Main Office at the Middleborough Center.