Please note that each course is not offered every semester. View courses currently being offered. We would be happy to conduct an assessment and then customize a training program to fit your specific needs. Complete the Corporate Education Employer Survey for the type of training you are interested in.

  • Effective Hiring Techniques
    This course will provide you with the skills and tools required to hire the right candidate. It covers the essential steps from creating a solid job description, identifying selection criteria, the interview process, identifying the most common hiring mistakes, and learning to make the proper offer.
  • Effective Performance Appraisal
    The subject of performance appraisals can be either difficult and depressing or dynamic and positive. This workshop will help you through the process, provide you with guidelines in effective appraisal discussions, identify the pitfalls to avoid, help with attitudinal change necessary in conducting or participating in the process, and provide pointers on dealing with unsatisfactory performance, etc.
  • Employment Law Updates
    On a regular basis employers are faced with changes in and updates to the federal and state laws affecting their employees. These run the gamut from wage and hour to pension/retirement plans, from independent contractor status to identity theft, from healthcare to immigration.
  • HR for Non-HR Managers, Part I & II
    This seminar is designed to help supervisors and managers understand how employment laws work in the real world and how they affect their everyday duties.
  • Legal Issues in Hiring
    Form the Job posting to the Applications, from the interview to the employment offer, legal issues abound. In this 3-hour session we will create an ad, review your organization’s application form (bring a copy with you if it is available), role play an interview, and make en employment offer. Note that this session does not in any way construe legal advice bur rather, it is designed to provide insight based on general HR management fundamentals, practices and principles.
  • OSHA, Part I & II
    Students will learn employer responsibilities, electrical safety requirements, fall protection, requirement for walking and working surfaces, personal protection and life saving equipment, ways to prevent worker injuries when using hand and power tools, scaffold construction and inspection, material handling, storage and disposal, purpose of OSHA’s hazard communication standard, fire protection and prevention and means of egress.

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