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  • Blueprint Reading
    This course provides an introduction to blueprint reading. Topics will include principles of orthographic projection, lines, symbols abbreviation dimensioning and tolerances interpretation of multi-view, section and assembly drawings, numbering system and drawing format.
  • Concepts and Practices of Drinking Water Distribution
    Offered in partnership with the Massachusetts Water Works Association, this 39-hour state approved Concepts and Practices of Drinking Water Distribution course is designed to introduce the concepts of drinking water distribution operations to individuals seeking a new career or presently working in the drinking water distribution field. This course is a pre-requisite for taking the drinking water licensing exam(s) for water distribution, grades D2, D3, or D4 and is a required component for eligibility as an operator-in-training or a full license operator. Participants will learn required information and critical thought processes involved in the understanding of the successful operation and maintenance of drinking water distribution systems. Additional cost for textbooks.
  • Concepts and Practices of Advanced Drinking Water Treatment T3/T4
    This course is designed to provide the student with the advanced concepts of drinking water treatment operations. Operator will be equipped with ability to control process, not just basic understanding (e.g. being able to answer the “why” or “why not” questions). Emphasis will be on filtration and reporting. Advanced topics on potable water sources and use, treatment technologies, laboratory, and administration will be provided. Students must possess a Grade 2 T (full or OIT) license or have successfully completed a Basic Treatment course.
  • Construction Supervisor Training
    Prepare for the Massachusetts Construction Supervisor’s License Exam. With an Unrestricted Construction Supervisor’s License (CSL), you can pull building permits to build buildings containing less than 35,000 sq. feet of enclosed space, one or two family dwellings, buildings for farm purposes and retaining walls less than 10 ft. in height. The exam is not about construction, but knowledge of building codes. If your profession or business requires you to deal with contracts, contractors, building inspectors, property managers, etc., you will find this course very helpful.
  • Introduction to AutoCAD, Part 1 – 6
    Students will learn options palette, use of rays, override layer color, measure and divide, match properties, make and insert blocks, text symbols and multileader modifications.
  • Land Survey Training
    In this course participants will learn the basic principles of surveying. They will perform a field survey and produce a certified plot plan using Auto CAD. During this field lab, the participants will receive training from a Registered Professional Land Surveyor in the proper use of field instruments and the procedures to be used in the field traverse.
  • Lean Strategies for Business
    This session will introduce participants to lean concepts, whether working in manufacturing or service Company. Examples of practical, common sense projects will be presented and discussed that can be implemented throughout all organizational levels. Start developing a lean organization today.
  • OSHA, Part I & II
    Students will learn employer responsibilities, electrical safety requirements, fall protection, requirement for walking and working surfaces, personal protection and life saving equipment, ways to prevent worker injuries when using hand and power tools, scaffold construction and inspection, material handling, storage and disposal, purpose of OSHA’s hazard communication standard, fire protection and prevention and means of egress.
  • Quality Training
    Learn the best practices to streamline the Quality management process and ISO standards. This program constitutes of Quality management training, ISO 9000 training, ISO and ANSI standards and best practices.

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