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  • The contractor shall provide color copies of each workers driver’s licenses prior to them being on site.
  • Each employee may be subject to a criminal records check at the Police Department’s discretion.
    • It’s the company’s responsibility to communicate this to each employee.
    • In the event that an employee is unwilling to agree to submit to a criminal record check they will not be allowed access to the college.
    • It’s the company’s responsibility to inform the College Police Department of any employee who has been convicted or has open charges of a sex related crime; this includes but not limited to registered sex offenders.
  • Employees need to be identifiable by a uniform shirt, or badge system.
  • The College Police have the discretion to instruct workers to leave the property without an explanation.
  • Vehicles are to be parked in areas designated for contractors during individual college projects.
  • Each individual contractor or sub‐contractor will be responsible for registering the vehicles they will be using on campus with the Massasoit Police Department (MPD) prior to beginning work. A placard will then be issued by MPD for the duration of the project and for the designated parking area.
  • All containers brought on to or taken off of the property and vehicles are subject to inspection by the College Police Department at anytime without notice.
  • Access will only be granted to work areas actively having work preformed within.
  • Workers shall not be on the College property outside of the agreed upon hours of work without permission of Vice President William Mitchell.
  • College Police Staff will not make decisions or grant permission regarding work or specification issues, changes or answer job related questions. Vice President William Mitchell, or designee, is the only authorized individual.
  • The contractor shall provide College Police information pertaining to the amount of contractors on campus prior to starting work. For example, the amount of contractors in individual buildings.
  • It is the contractor’s responsibility to ensure proper contact information of the project manager or site superintendent.
  • College Police shall be provided with a detail schedule pertaining to the project, hours of work, and approximate shift completion time.