• No Parking on the road or in the fire lanes.

• No Parking on the lawns (unless directed by a Police Officer).

• Students shall not park in Faculty/Staff Lots.

• No Parking in Staff Lots.

• Student parking decals must be displayed and visible at all times.

• No Parking in the Bus Stop.

• No Parking or Driving on the on any campus sidewalks.

• Students, Faculty, and Staff shall not park in designated visitor areas.


Parking decals are required to park in Faculty/Staff and Student parking lots. Decals are available at the Campus Police stations in Brockton and Canton. Please complete the Massasoit Parking Decal Application form and return it to either station along with your vehicle’s registration and your driver’s license. The forms are also available at each station.

For questions about parking decals, please call Campus Police at x1041 (Brockton) or x2142 (Canton)


People wishing to leave a vehicle on campus overnight must report to the College Police Office to obtain the required pass. All vehicles without permission and/or issued pass will be ticketed and/or towed.


The Massasoit College Police enforces all motor vehicle moving violations of Chapter 90 of Massachusetts General Law


Handicapped Parking is ONLY for those students who display a placard or have handicapped plates issued from the Registry of Motor Vehicles. All other vehicles found in the handicapped spaces are subject to fine.


The Massasoit College Police will issue parking tickets to all vehicles that are parked improperly or in areas that have special designation. If payment is not sent to County Treasure within 21 days, the violator will be subject to an extra penalty of $10.00.