In the event of an emergency, Massasoit has developed procedures to best ensure the safety of students, faculty, and staff.

These procedures are designed to provide guidance on evacuation, communication, and other critical actions to mitigate potential risks and protect lives. Emergency situations can take place at any time in any location, and it is vitally important to be prepared in advance to adapt to a situation as it unfolds.

Alerts & Communications

In addition to Massasoit Community College Emergency Notices on the website, the college has created means to contact Massasoit Students, Faculty and Staff in emergency situations.

Police Emergencies

In police emergencies, adherence to these emergency procedures is imperative to ensure the safety of all parties while maintaining effective and organized responses to various situations.

Shelter in Place

When faced with potential threats or hazards, understanding and following these shelter-in-place procedures ensures the safety of individuals within a confined space.

Severe Weather

In the event of severe weather, follow these comprehensive procedures to safeguard lives and mitigate the impact of adverse weather conditions.

Buildings & Grounds

In the face of potential fire incidents and hazardous material releases, adhering to these well-defined procedures will effectively mitigate risks and prioritize the safety of individuals and the environment.

Medical Emergency

In the event of a medical emergency, these clear procedures are fundamental for a swift and organized response, ensuring the well-being of individuals and providing effective care in critical situations.