The Black Studies Associate of Arts degree provides an interdisciplinary curriculum in which students learn to critically examine, analyze, and interpret Black experiences. The degree offers a broad selection of courses addressing historical, cultural, and sociological factors that affect the lives of Black people.

View our Study the Black Experience page. These courses will explore the culture, history, rich heritage and achievements of Blacks in America.

The fundamental goal of the Black Studies degree is to offer students a comprehensive introduction to the crucial sociocultural and social justice issues facing Black people from the past to today. Core courses offer an in-depth understanding of historical, anthropological, sociological, psychological, economic, and political aspects of Black America. The curriculum also offers opportunities to study the literary, musical, and artistic heritage of Black people.

Students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate an interdisciplinary understanding of the diversity of experiences within the Black community and,
  • Understand the importance and distinction of various approaches to knowledge about Black culture.

The Black Studies program assists in preparing students for careers relevant to the development of Black communities and in coping with social problems arising from individual and institutionalized racism, gender bias and class division. While Black Studies focuses on the Black experience and related topics, students are also learning how to write, speak, and think critically.

Black Studies also creates a valuable foundation for graduate study. Many people who earn degrees in this area go on to study law, business, or medicine. Graduates in Black Studies have entered a wide variety of professional and occupational fields including education, government and community service while others have gone on to pursue advanced degrees in law, education, and human services.

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