Liberal Arts Transfer

This Liberal Arts Transfer Program is designed primarily for those students who plan to transfer, with junior year standing, to a four-year Liberal Arts Baccalaureate Degree Program. The Liberal Arts Transfer Program provides the student with a broad cultural background in the humanities, the natural sciences, mathematics, and the social sciences. This background prepares the student for eventual entry into graduate-level programs in education, law, and medicine, as well as the humanities or the sciences.

Although this program requires a distribution of liberal arts courses, it also allows the student to concentrate in either the humanities, the natural sciences, mathematics, or the social sciences. As there are variations in the graduation requirements of different four-year institutions, students should select electives within this program that comply with the requirements of the programs into which they wish to transfer.

The Associate of Arts Degree is awarded to students who complete this program. The minimum distribution requirements for this degree are at least 14 credits in mathematics and science, 12 credits in social science, and 15 credits in the humanities with a total of 62 credits being necessary for graduation

Since there are many different programs and requirements at four-year colleges, it is essential that the student receive continual counseling from an appropriate member of the appropriate department at Massasoit along with updated information from the four-year college of the student’s choice. This would assure a smooth transition to the four-year college for the student after his/her graduation from Massasoit.

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