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The Pursuit of Excellence Brings Many Rewards

Massasoit Community College belongs to the Commonwealth Honors Program Consortiumand is a member of The National Collegiate Honors Council. The Commonwealth Honors Program at Massasoit is coordinated by professors Panteha Sanati and David LaFontaine. They are always happy to speak with students and answer questions about the program.

Eligibility & Admission
Students are generally identified in their English Composition I classes, but any matriculated student who carries a GPA of 3.0 or better, or who receives permission from the Program Coordinators, may be admitted. Qualified students may also self-identify and register for Honors class during specific times. Admission normally occurs after completion of 12 college credits, but exceptions are made for highly motivated students.

Honors Conferences

The Commonwealth Honors Program hosts an Honors Conference on the Brockton and Canton campuses at the end of each semester to recognize and highlight students’ Honors Projects.

Conference Programs & Project Abstracts

Fall 2020 Honors Conference Program (pdf)
Spring 2021 Honors Conference Program (pdf)
Fall 2021 Honors Conference Program (pdf)

The Commonwealth Honors Program offers students:

  • Enhanced Transfer Opportunities
    Upon completing the 3 courses in the Honors program, students’ transcript is designated as Commonwealth Honors Scholar which upon admission to respective institution, qualifies students to automatically join the Commonwealth Honors Program at any of the affiliated CHP institution and/or otherwise highlights students’ achievement at non-affiliated institutions.
  • Intellectually Challenging Classes
    The small size and intimate atmosphere of Honors classes appeal to students who seek a challenge and an active part in their education. Honors classes also offer students a unique sense of independence in the manner and subject of their studies at the undergraduate level.
  • Mentoring and Support
    Students receive sustained assistance in planning their future educational goals, including transfer support and selection of courses that suit their needs.
  • $100 Tuition Waiver
    Students receive a $100 waiver for each three or more credit Honors course.
  • $500 Honor Garden Scholarship
    Eligible students can apply to receive a $500.00 scholarship specifically allocated for CHP students.
  • $250 Scholarship
    Students who successfully complete the program with all 3 Honors courses, the required grade and GPA, receive a scholarship.

Commonwealth Honors Program Highlights

  • Massasoit Commonwealth Honors Conference
    Massasoit Honors students present a visual/virtual display of their research at the end of every semester for viewing by peers, faculty, and the public. Students also have the opportunity to present their work at the UMass URC, and other academic conferences.
  • The Honors Program Speakers Bureau
    The Speakers Bureau is a group of students on the Canton campus who make presentations in classrooms and at other college events about the benefits of taking Honors courses. Students share their personal experiences as well as provide encouragement to their peers.

Mission Statement
The goals of the Commonwealth Honors Program are to create enriched educational opportunities for academically talented and highly motivated students.
Encourage the recognition of these students as an integral part of our college community.
Encourage faculty to mentor students and to assist them in the transfer to four-year colleges and universities appropriate to their needs.
Provide opportunities for independent study as well as small peer classes for students who can work above the collegiate norm to develop individual skills.