On Campus

  • Meets physically on campus on specific days and times
  • Experience face-to-face instruction in small class settings


  • All coursework occurs independently online with no scheduled class times
  • Coursework has required due dates throughout the semester
  • Offers convenience for those needing flexible scheduling

Video Conference

  • Meets virtually at specific days and times using a video conferencing program like Zoom
  • Live interaction with instructor and students in a virtual environment


A combination of any two of the learning options above:

  • Hybrid Campus/Online: our most popular hybrid option consisting of some face-to-face instruction on campus with the rest being completed independently online
  • Hybrid Campus/Video Conference: perfect option for those who prefer face-to-face instruction but cannot travel to campus every day; all classes have scheduled days and times with one or two class on campus each week
  • Hybrid Online/Video Conference: fully remote experience with one or two scheduled class days and times each week with the rest being completed independently online

Comparison of Course Formats

Course CharacteristicsOn CampusOnlineVideo Conference
On-campus Learning – Instruction occurs physically on campus.YESNONO
Online Learning – Instruction occurs online.NOYESYES
Live Interaction – Course meets at specific days and times with live instruction.YESNOYES
Uses a Learning Management System – Essential course information and homework are provided online through a learning management system like Canvas.SOMETIMESYESYES