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What is the TRIO Student Support Services (SSS) Program?

TRIO Student Support Services (TRIO SSS) is a federally funded program at Massasoit Community College (MCC) which is focused on increasing the retention, graduation, and transfer rates from two-year to four-year institutions of students who are first-generation, low income and/or have a documented disability. The program provides comprehensive services and opportunities designed to promote student success and holistic well-being, paying special attention to challenges that are often experienced by first-generation students.

Students who participate in the TRIO SSS Program have their own advisor who works closely with the student to advise, both academically and personally, and to help navigate the sometimes-confusing administrative requirements of being a college student. TRIO SSS is a place where our students can come to talk, vent, and share their successes; obtain support; and connect with their community of TRIO peers.

Some of the free services, available to all TRIO participants at MCC, include:

  • 1-on-1 Academic Advising
  • Transfer Counseling
  • Four-year College Visits & Tours
  • Financial Aid Counseling
  • Grant Aid Scholarships (for eligible students)
  • Educational Seminars & Workshops
  • Individualized Assessment and Evaluation (financial, educational and career exploration)
  • Peer Mentoring & Leadership
  • Cultural Events & Activities
  • Referral Services

For any questions or more information, feel free to reach out through contacts below.

Who is Eligible for the TRIO SSS Program?

Applicants must be currently enrolled or accepted for enrollment at MCC; be a U.S. citizen or registered Permanent Resident, or meet the requirements for federal student financial assistance; and meet at least ONE of the following criteria:

  1. First Generation – Neither parent/guardian completed a Bachelor’s degree from a four-year institution in the United States. A student raised by only one parent/guardian who does not have a Bachelor’s degree is also considered a first-generation student.
  2. Income Eligible – Income eligible according to federal guidelines.
  3. Disabled – A student with a documented disability.

 What you can expect as a TRIO SSS student

  • Having an advisor who reaches out to you often and gets to know who you are as a whole person.
  • Belonging to a supportive, close-knit community of TRIO peers and staff within the larger MCC campus.
  • Having a place to go at MCC when you have a question or are facing an issue and are not quite sure where to go for help.

 How to apply for the TRIO SSS Program?

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