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Kelley Tilden, B.A.
Director of Community Education
508-588-9100 x1310

For over 14 years Kelley Tilden has played an important role in the development and growth of the Community Education programs at Massasoit Community College.  Kelley has exponentially increased the number of online and certificate courses offered to students, providing a myriad of opportunities for continuing education and personal development.  In her current role as Director of Community Education, Kelley assumes strategic planning, fiscal management, program development and reporting responsibilities, as well as coordination of Community Education instructors.  She brings to Massasoit extensive experience managing large projects and contracts for past employers in the finance, medical and real estate industries.  Kelley earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Management and a Minor in Economics from Lynchburg College.

Cheryl Powers, M.B.A.
Associate Director of Community Education
508-588-9100 x1305

Cheryl Powers, Associate Director of Community Education, has over fourteen years of experience in post-secondary education.  Prior to joining Massasoit Community College, Cheryl was the Site and Community Outreach Director of Fisher College, North Attleboro where she managed admissions, recruitment, enrollment, course development, faculty and staff, student advising and community and business industry outreach. At Massasoit, she assists the Director in planning, developing, managing and evaluating non-credit course offerings and programs, and provides support to students as needed.  Cheryl has an MBA from Western Governors University.

Raksmey Pen, B.A.
Staff Associate of Corporate and Community Education
508-588-9100 x1509

Raksmey Pen, Staff Associate of Corporate and Community Education, has over twelve years of experience in post-secondary education.  Prior to joining Massasoit Community College, Raksmey was the Career Pathway Specialist for Roger Williams University and Staff Associate for the TRiO Programs at Bristol Community College, where he assisted in recruitment, federal/state grant proposals and administration, budget management, fundraising, and marketing strategies. At Massasoit, he is utilizing his diverse post-secondary experience to assist staff and students in the daily office functions of the Department of Corporate and Community Education.  Moreover, he assists employers with general Corporate Education inquiries, registrations for Open Enrollment classes, and handles billing and invoicing. Raksmey has a BA from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, and is currently pursuing his Master’s at Rhode Island College.

Sherry Hayes, B.A.
Special Programs Coordinator
508-588-9100 x1695

Sherry Hayes began working at Massasoit Community College in 2012. Prior to joining Massasoit, Sherry was a Paralegal for five years. Sherry began her career at Massasoit working in the office of the Vice President of Academic Affairs where she provided support to the Academic Senate. In her role as Special Programs Coordinator, she oversees and develops programming for personal enrichment courses including programs for students age 55 and over. Her goal is to develop and expand programming that encourages and fosters students of all ages to continue their education and to support lifelong learning. Sherry earned her A.S. from Massasoit Community College and her B.A. in Management from Eastern Nazarene College.