Bystander intervention is a sexual assault prevention strategy that encourages witnesses to take safe action when they see a situation that might lead to sexual assault, and to support victims after an incident. Being an active bystander does not require that you risk our own safety or the well-being of others. The goal is to aid in the prevention of violence without causing further threat, harm, or damage. There is a range of responses you can use that are appropriate, depending on the situation. However, if you or someone else is in immediate danger, call Massasoit Police Department at 508-427-1296 or 99 from any campus phone. This is the best action a bystander can take.

How can you keep Massasoit Community College safe?
Help us through the following:

  • Awareness: Be aware of situations that could lead to sexual violence.
  • Responsibility:  You are a part of a campus community that supports and helps each other.
  • Commitment:  Make a commitment to help maintain a safe environment to learn and work and report threats to the safety of Massasoit Community College students and employees.
  • Confidence:  Be confident in your ability to take effective action to prevent sexual violence. Trust your intuition and don’t hesitate to call for help.
  • Intervention:  Intervene in ways that protect your own safety and are truly supportive to victims.
  • Resources:  Bystanders also need safety nets for themselves – you can call upon resources and community policies that support intervention.

Be Proactive:

  • Talk to friends who have expressed violent feelings or behaviors. Assist them in getting help from a counselor or other professional.
  • Don’t participate in sexist conversation.  Don’t laugh at rape jokes.
  • Speak up against false comments or jokes about sexual assault and educate people about it.
  • Watch for signs of predatory behavior.  Intervene to prevent a sexual assault from taking place.

Always Remember:

  • Approach everyone as a friend.
  • Be honest and direct.
  • Don’t be aggressive or use violence.
  • Keep yourself safe.
  • Get help from other bystanders, if necessary.
  • Call the police if a situation becomes too serious.

Together, let’s end sexual assault and keep Massasoit Community College safe!