The Leading for Change Higher Education Diversity Consortium was founded in 2014 at Bridgewater State University with the goal that member institutions could use the consortium’s diversity benchmarks and data-informed processes in an effort to close achievement gaps while meeting at twice-yearly summits to share information and collaborate.

In 2018 – 2019, member institutions participated in a year-long Racial Equity and Justice Institute that provided additional support focused on building the competencies needed to close achievement and opportunity gaps, particularly for students of color. Teams completed monthly projects intended to aid them in:

  • conducting data-informed diversity dialogues and workshops intended to improve campus climate;
  • obtaining and using actionable data to close achievement gaps;
  • identifying, implementing, and assessing data-informed strategies and achievement gap interventions that enhance educational outcomes for students of color.

Team Members

Track A: Conducting Data-Informed Diversity Dialogues/Workshops

  • Meredith Whitmore, Diversity & Inclusion Specialist

Track B: Obtaining and Using Actionable Data to Close Achievement Gaps

  • Mary Goodhue Lynch, Associate Dean of Institutional Research
  • Jennifer Hohl, Research Associate
  • Joe Harris, Associate Dean of Student Success

Track C.: Identifying, Implementing, and Assessing Data-Informed Strategies to Enhance Retention/Graduation Rates for Students of Color

  • Shilo Henriques, Dean of Enrollment Management
  • Kristine Bohmer, Staff Assistant, Dean of Students
  • Pat Reale, Director, CHOICES Program