As the number of women-owned businesses continues to grow, Massasoit will do its part to help close the business owner gender gap. The Women’s Leadership Initiative at Massasoit will be a new resource for women in the community looking to learn the skills necessary to become leaders in the community and entrepreneurs.

The Women’s Leadership Initiative will be based at Massasoit’s Canton campus – a short drive from Boston and easily accessible to communities across Greater Boston, the South Shore, and the Neponset Valley – where the College’s corporate education program and a number of other unique academic offerings are located.

Among the opportunities that will be available for participants include:

  • Speaker series anchored by local leaders.
  • Educational and professional workshops.
  • Leadership seminars.
  • Entrepreneur-in-residence (EIR) program.

The program has been championed by female leaders at the College, including Board of Trustees Secretary Eshita Chakrabarti and Chair Ann Sullivan.

Specific program offerings will be available soon.

To sign up to receive updates about the program, to enroll as a participant, or to participate as speakers, workshop leaders, or as an EIR, please contact