Religious & Tradition Observances Calendar

2022 – 2024

Massasoit Community College values and embraces diversity of religious expression and recognizes the importance of solemn religious days that our students, faculty and staff observe annually. This may preclude them from attending regularly scheduled classes and duties therefore, faculty and staff are asked to plan academic and extracurricular activities and meetings with sensitivity to the diverse religious commitments of the College community and should be avoided whenever possible. For additional information, please review the “Religious Absence” college policy.

The College strives to be inclusive and welcoming to our faculty, staff and students and the importance to exercise these practices truly impacts our campus community. For more insight from a student perspective, please read “Coordinating University and Religious Calendars: An Inclusive Practice.”

The religious observance calendar is meant to serve as a scheduling guide. It lists significant holidays from the five largest global faith traditions. However, it is not comprehensive and students may choose to observe a holiday from any tradition not included on the calendar. For information about additional holidays from these and other faith traditions, see Suggestions for additions to this list may be directed to the Office of Diversity and Inclusion at 508.588.9100 or the Registrar’s Office in Student Central at 508.588.9100 x1949.

Holy days may fall on different dates from year to year because many are calculated based on a lunar calendar.

Dates of holy day observances may also vary regionally.

*Jewish and Muslim holy days begin at sundown on the first day indicated.
**Holy days on which absence from work or school is common.

Holy Day Traditions

Massasoit Community College acquired permission for use by Davidson College on September 10, 2021. The religious calendar was modified to include Pagan holidays.